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Web Host: Five (5) Major Things to Watch Out Before Choosing a Host

In these modern times when owning a web presence is a necessary requisite for any serious business, service or brand willing to establish or expand its footprints online

However one major concern and most important thing in having your website available on the web is choose a plan and provider for your web hosting.

This single decision can make or break your agenda in propagating your online journey, If you choose the right web hosting service provider from day one, you’ll save yourself the headache of having to migrate your site to a different company later.

In this article, we break down 5 key factors to consider before picking and eventually settling on a web hosting service provider for your business needs. First off lets touch on the big question

What Is a Web Host?

Before you settle on choosing a web host, let’s clear the basic and help you understand what web hosting basics

Web hosting service (often shortened to web host) is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. It is what we essentially call the physical side of the web.

Every website you see online is made up of various images, media, apps, and other files that take up storage space,  and for all these files and resources to reside online and be served to the user via website,, it has to sit on a physical server.

Web hosting comes with a host of technical, physical and maintenance huddle and that can essentially be a headache for the company or brand seeking to put its website online, and to simply handle and manage a service isn’t always feasible that is where the web hosting company like Qixtech comes in.

Web hosts own a large number of servers that have the power required to provide consistent, reliable service for thousands of websites. When you sign up for a hosting plan, you rent some of the space on their servers.

A good web host isn’t just selling that space, they’re also selling their expertise in keeping their technology running smoothly, efficiently, and securely—so that your website runs consistently without problems.

With all that said, let’s dive into the meat and touch the 5 practical things to look out for in a web hosting company in 2021:

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AbdulTech News | Web Host

Support (24/7 customer service)

One of the first and major key factors to look out for in a web hosting service is their support or lack thereof. I mean this is probably your first experience in aiming to bring your service online, and what better way than to find a company that seeks to delight you, is quick to respond to your questions, has excellent customer support service and go the extra mile to make sure your on-boarding experience unto their service is overall a smooth one.

When you experience problems and wants fast fixes, their support is readily available in various modes and options (phone, text, email, live chat) to help your resolve your issue as best as possible.

Guaranteed uptime (100%)

Your website is your business, your investment and an extension of your brand, if every time your website cannot readily be accessed due to downtime or some regular technical glitch, chances are visitor/users will always be met with a disappointing experience and you will tend to lose money with each downtime.

A hosting company is supposed to keep your website up and accessible with their infrastructure and maintenance and a good trait of a web host service provider is the guarantee of 100% uptime.

Occasion maintenance is often carried out by host companies which temporarily take your website offline and maintain their service, but reputable companies know how best to manage these routine maintenance and give you excellent value for money.

Variety of Plans, Packages and Pricing (Triple P’s)

Every website starts pretty small with the immediate needs of the company or individual, but moving forward, traffic increases, visitors triple and overall online booms, you want to consider a host service that can accommodate and scale up to your growing online business and offer various packages to fit.

Most new websites get everything they need with an affordable shared web hosting plan, but as a website grows in size and popularity, at some point you’ll want to upgrade to a cloud hosting, VPS hosting, or possibly even a dedicated hosting plan.

When that time comes, you’ll have a much easier time making the transition if you can stick with the company you choose from day one. An upgrade is simpler than a full migration to a new company.

With plans and packages comes pricing. Some of the best web hosts available such as Qixtech offer you a starter pack at absolutely no fee in order for you to begin your journey in bringing your business online.

Payment options also vary as the host should offer various other options for users to pay according to their convenience.

Intuitive user Interface (UI/UX)

Getting into the technicalities surrounding modern web hosts is already technically challenging, you and your brand won’t want to be in bed with a host service which does not simplify things in the most user friendly form.

While the main service of the web hosts provider is keeping your website published and accessible, they also provide an interface that allows you to do a number of important web management tasks, such as:

  • Domain name management
  • Setting up redirects
  • Managing your SSL
  • Managing your domain email addresses
  • Adding new applications or databases to your website
  • Managing your backups
  • Upgrading or renewing your hosting solutions

Accessing these services should be as easy and user friendly as possible and you won’t want to spend a lot of time learning how basics work, but most of your efforts and time should be not running your website and maximizing returns.

Security, Backup and standard features

Website security, hacking and data breach is a hot trending topic in the internet space, and some of these loopholes exploited by hackers are left loose by hosting service providers with poor security relations.

While there are a number of steps you can take to make your websites more secure, one of the best things you can do for website security is choosing a web host that treats security as a priority.

A reputable hosting company offers powerful firewalls, includes SSL certificates as part of their plans, and offers affordable security software or other add-ons to enhance your website security.

Always seek to research the reputable of the hosting service before instilling your website brand and online business unto their care.

Choose Your Web Host Today

So at this point, I believe with these 5 strong points outlined, you have also done some accurate research, exploited a few options and you are ready to make a decision in getting started with your web host

I would urge you to consider one of the Qixtech plans as we offer a range of options and plenty of room to scale and with over 7+ years of industry standard experience hosting under our belt, we seek to delight and bring you on board with the best services at your preferred budget.

SOURCE: Qictech Blog