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Best WordPress Calculator Plugins for Cost Estimation

Do you want to know which WordPress calculator plugins work the best? If so, you are in the proper location. Your WordPress website may use calculator plugins to estimate costs for things like insurance, mortgages, loans, selling items, and many other things.

Web-based calculator A WordPress plugin enables you to add a visually appealing utility. Your clients may find out the actual cost or worth of any individual item in your business by using a calculator on your website. Consequently, it offers a fantastic consumer experience.

The WordPress plugin store offers a variety of calculator kinds. As a result, browsing through several plugins is a pain. As a result, we’ve assembled a hand-picked selection of the top WordPress Calculator plugins for 2023 for your use. Let’s get started with this.

Why You Need WordPress Calculator Plugins

If you own an eCommerce, insurance, mortgage, or finance services website, your customers unquestionably require a calculator plugin. That will assist customers in comparing costs and plans to identify the finest insurance, loan, mortgage, and other goods or programs.

A calculator plugin can assist your consumers quickly determine costs for various things if your website sells goods online. They may keep tabs on their expenditure while adjusting their budget by adding or eliminating things. As a result, it makes your customer’s life easier. Here are a few illustrations:

  • The calculator will be helpful for insurance service sites to understand term insurance policies, how much to pay, whether annually or monthly, and other factors. The client will obtain a precise estimate of the sum owing so they may plan their finances appropriately.
  • Similarly, a lot of real estate websites provide mortgage calculators. Customers can estimate how much they owe prior to expressing interest in a property.
  • On websites dedicated to fitness, you may also discover calculators to monitor your dietary intake. Because users may engage with your website using these calculators, you can increase consumer engagement.

The greatest WordPress calculator plugins for your website must now be something that interests you. The finest WordPress calculator plugins for insurance and mortgage in 2023 will now be examined.

Both free and paid WordPress calculator plugins are presented in this list. To choose which is best for your site, carefully review the description, features, and cost.

1. Stylish Cost Calculator

With the help of the adaptable calculator plugin Stylish Cost Calculator, you can create a beautiful rapid quotation (estimate) form for your website. It enables potential clients to know how much your goods or services will cost before deciding whether to purchase them.

The “buy now” button may be quickly connected to PayPal, Stripe, or WooCommerce to receive immediate payments. In contrast, you may take away the payment buttons to nudge consumers towards providing their email addresses. You can gather client data in this manner for marketing purposes.

Features of Stylish Cost Calculator

The plugin is also completely customizable.

  • Pricing for real-time currency conversion is depending on the user’s location; alternatively, you can choose a static currency to convert to a certain currency of your choosing.
  • Using sliding scale pricing and bulk discount features, you may provide your clients price cuts when they make larger purchases.
  • Create discounts and coupons to draw in more people and boost sales.
  • Modify the text’s color, size, and style. Your headlines, sliders, checkboxes, and drop-down menus may all be colored differently.

Stylish Cost Calculator- best WordPress Calculator plugin

2. Cost Calculator WordPress

Cost Calculator WordPress has a simple, minimalist plugin for project pricing and estimates. For your WordPress website, it enables you to rapidly construct a quote or price estimation form. Quote and price estimates forms provide your client a rough idea of how much your service or product will cost.

Each form element can have a value assigned to it. This automatically adds or multiplies the provided product cost to the total value. You can establish a fixed price regardless of volume using the slider control’s “price offset” option.

Features of Cost Calculator WordPress

The Cost Calculator plugin’s regular licence is $29.

  • There are several components for your calculator form, including text boxes, numerical sliders, dropdown menus, and Boolean switches (which enable you include or omit from estimation).
  • Form connection with PayPal to enable immediate payment.
    Utilise the Contact Form 7 plugin to interact with your users and collect their information.
  • ReCaptcha support prevents spammers and internet bots from entering.
  • Control the elements’ functionality and appearance (elements can be shown, hidden, or reset).
  • A list of all submission forms is kept on the admin’s dashboard panel. The list of all form submissions is available in your cost calculator.

3. ez Form Calculator

An easy-to-use WordPress form builder with many applications is ez Form Calculator. For your website, you may quickly develop sophisticated cost estimators, detailed contact forms, and form calculators.

Form elements like checkboxes, dropdown menus, and radio buttons can be added. There is a value that may be put on each of those elements. The plugin then automatically determines the price or value.

Additionally, this plugin enables the delivery of form submissions to both the admin and the customer. The administrator may then easily generate answer emails and PDF files from submissions after that.

Features of ez Form Calculator

The ez Form Calculator plugin is conveniently available for $49 purchase.

  • With each form element, advanced calculation does numerous computations.
  • The use of conditional logic enables the showing, hiding, and setting of values.
  • provides consumer savings in cases where the plugin alters pricing based on value ranges.
  • creates pricing requests and summary tables prior to form submission.
  • To take payments, integration with PayPal or Stripe is required.
  • Useful since it generates forms to compute for various streams. such as media companies, picture studios, event planners, real estate, savings tools, nonprofits, and many others.

ez Form Calculator-WordPress calculator plugins

4. Calculated Fields Form

You may create web forms with calculated fields with the Calculated Fields Form plugin. Based on the values of other fields in the form, the values are dynamically determined.

You may create a reservation form, a financial computation form, and a form for calculating product pricing. The services offered by this plugin include text editing, translation, and advertising.

It has a form editor with a number of controls. The form editor also includes a dashboard and a property bar for easy field property editing. You may create your forms and form configuration attributes here.

It is integrated with the WooCommerce add-on as well. This makes it easier for you to create a form for WooCommerce items so that their pricing, dimensions, and weight can be determined dynamically.

Features of Calculated Fields Form

While the Professional Plan costs €49.99, the Calculated Fields Form offers a premium version that unlocks more capabilities. Other plans, such as the Platinum Plan and Developer Plan, are also available for purchase and cost respectively €149.99 and €99.99.

  • includes a strong formula editor that links the computed fields to syntax highlighting and error detection.
  • By clicking the “Clone” button next to a form on the setup page, you may duplicate that form. Cloning a form enables the continuation of previous work.
  • enables forms to be disabled while indexing to speed up websites.
  • has a checkbox setting that enables them to be hidden from websites accessible to the general public. Critical when calculating intermediate values in certain regions or when we merely want to share the results in emails or thank-you sites.
  • Depending on the choices made in the checkboxes and radio buttons, or the output of computed fields, hide or reveal form fields.


The top WordPress calculator plugins for things like insurance, mortgages, loans, etc. have been discussed, along with their features and costs. We really hope that this post was helpful in your search for the top WordPress mortgage and insurance calculator plugins. If any of these plugins are currently installed on your website, please share your experience in the area below.

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