AbdulTech Systems | High CPC Keywords
AbdulTech Systems | High CPC Keywords

Why It Is Important To Use High CPC Keywords

High CPC keywords are those for which advertisers on platforms such as Google AdWords pay more than others. And you as a blogger make more money with those keywords than others.

CPC stands for Cost Per Click. It’s the price you pay for every click on your PPC (pay-per-click) marketing campaign if you are an advertiser. And if you’re a publisher, CPC becomes the revenue per ad click.

The higher the CPC an advertiser pays, the higher your revenue as a blogger or website publisher. And it’s not just the website; you make more money if you create a YouTube video based on high CPC keywords.

How to Find High CPC Keywords With Our High CPC Keywords Explorer

There numerous keywords generator you can use to identify high cpc keywords online. The most common and free to use platform is the H-supertools website where you can browse tons of High Cost Per Click keywords. All you need is to ‘search’ the table and find them related to your niche.

AbdulTech Online | High CPC Keywords
AbdulTech Online | High CPC Keywords

Let us break down the process for you:(Visit h-supertools.com)

  • Go to the High CPC Keywords Explorer tool
  • Search for your seed keyword in the table
  • And find them that are relevant to your niche

And that’s just it! If you’re unable to find keywords related to your niche, it’s because of two reasons.

  • Your niche may not have substantial CPC keywords
  • Or the list isn’t updated

In that case, you may want to come back to our tool after a couple of days. But because we update our list daily, it’s usually the first case. Note that we always enlist the most expensive keywords and not just the random paying keywords.

How to Search High CPC Keywords For Your Blog or YouTube

80% of the ad revenue comes from 30% of your keywords as an AdSense user. It means there are 20 out of 100 keywords that make most of your income. And the credit goes to high-paying AdSense keywords.

The question is; how to find high CPC keywords. You either use Google Keyword Planner or paid tools like SEMRush or Ahrefs for that. And the methods to find high-paying keywords on these tools are almost the same. So let’s walk you through finding.

But if you’re just starting out, you may want to check out our free High CPC Keywords Explorer.

How to Use High CPC Keywords in Blog or Website

Revenue for the advertisers is determined by how much they’re paying for clicks and the quality of traffic. While income for you as a blogger is determined by how much advertisers from an ad network pay you. It depends on the traffic quality without a doubt.

In this video on his YouTube channel, Hassan has talked about targeting high CPC keywords to earn more with AdSense.

So you may want to create content around top CPC keywords so that you earn more. That’s why you are here, reading this post. And that’s why let’s get to know how you can find profitable keywords using a few online tools.